Protecting your house is an important part of being a responsible homeowner, and you should take the necessary steps to ensure that your house is protected against burglars and thieves. There are many things that you can do to protect your house, and many of the things are as simple as installing a sign or switching on a light. Appearances are nearly as important as actual security, so you should do what you can to ensure that your house is safe.

5 Ways to Break Into Your House - wikiHow

1. Many burglars are experts at slipping a credit card between the door frame to press the latch tongue to open the door. These “shimming” experts can be easily stopped by installing a simple dead bolt style lock. Latch locks are too easy to open from the outside, but a dead bolt lock is impossible to open from the outside. You can call in a residential locksmith to come to your house and install a high quality dead bolt that is sure to foil any attempts made to burglarize your house schlüsseldienst in der nähe.

2. Never leave a spare key someplace where it can easily be found, such as under the doormat or on the jamb above your door. If you are above average height, hide the key somewhere far out of the reach of an average person. If you are of average or below average height, why not consider hiding the key in a tin can tucked far under the porch or buried in one of your planters nearby.

3. Always ensure that the exterior of your house is sufficiently lit, as this is one of the main deterrents for burglars. Light your garden and porch with bright lights that will turn on when motion is detected, and don’t neglect to light your backyard or patio. Make sure that every angle of approach to your house is brightly lit, and illuminate every portion of your house’s walls and windows.

4. Trim back the brush from around your house, and keep your garden far enough from your house that anyone trying to break into your house has to cross a patch of open ground. Make sure there are no trees or bushes that grow against your house, and keep your trees and shrubs well trimmed.

5. Never list your complete name on your mailbox, but just use your initials. It will give burglars a harder time trying to figure out who you are.

6. Never let a salesman enter your house without some form of I.D. to prove who he says he is. A large number of burglars masquerade as door to door salesmen, so you should take steps to protect yourself.

7. Always leave lights on when you leave your house, as well as your TV, radio, and sound system. A higher electricity bill is a small price to pay to ensure your house is safe from burglars, as burglars will usually avoid homes that have light and sounding emanating from inside.

8. Paint your tools and items with something that will make them easily noticeable if they are stolen. Thieves tend to avoid items that are easily recognized.

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