Add More Essence on Smiling Eyes

Recently, I heard a piece of interesting news that some Taiwan female stars press corners of eyes every time they laugh in order to prevent fine lines. This is because they are worried about crows-feet around eyes. It seems that eyes are quite fragile and first wrinkle tends to appear here.

However, as long as you take care of the skin around eyes early, you need not to be too nervous. Apply eye cream every day. Firstly, spread cream evenly around your eyes, then press several acupuncture points of head, eyes, temples and brow with your fingers. Secondly, gently breeze the lower eyelid, which can reduce dry lines. Finally, apply eye cream again and pat eyelids, which can nourish your smiling eyes

Change a Posture When Resting the Head on Hands

The girl sitting opposite to me is always resting her head on hands. Two days ago, she cried loudly because of the appearance of fine lines around eyes. This kind of chin-holding can easily squeeze skin to form wrinkles. At this time, we should strengthen the replenishment. Lack of water is a major reason for the formation of wrinkles. Apply anti-wrinkle cream after replenishment, then pat lines with fingers in a vertical direction. What is more, changing a way to hold the chin could enhance facial muscles: put your thumb behind the ear, attach the other four fingers to the cheek.

Jogging 20 Minutes Every Day and Your Skin Will Look as Elastic as Those in 20s When You Are in 40s

Even if you do not like sports, you still have to jog for 20 minutes every day for the sake of your skin, which can exercise your facial muscles. That can make your face become thinner and more elastic.

Learn to Read the Ingredient List if You Want to Stay Young

It is always said that the 25 is a turning point for women. From then on your skin will begin to age. However, this turning point is more likely to come ahead of time because of the pollution, work pressure and exposure to sunlight. For the early aging, there is still another main reason—anti-oxidation, which hinders free radical proliferation. So now you have to pay attention to these ingredients: phenolic constituents(white tea extract, red wine polyphenol, green tea polyphenol, grape polyphenol), astaxanthin, lycopene, D-VE and so on. In addition, we still have to be concerned about some ingredients which can stimulate collagen, such as peptides.

Pouches Make You Look 8 Years Older and Restrain them Quickly at the Beginning

Have you ever paid special attention to comparison photos of plastic surgery posted by some beauty salons. Those comparison photos of face-lifts and wrinkle-free are not astonishing. The most alarming part is the pouch. Although you do not have wrinkles, pouches make women look 8 years older. Apart from natural factors, many pouches are caused by the edema of eyes. Unhealthy life style, drinking too much water before sleep or a pillow too high will cause eye swelling every morning. As time goes by, the swelling will turn into pouches. So you have to add pouch-removal products in the your skin-care procedure.

Do the Eye Exercises

Eyes are particularly delicate and it is most difficult to resist external damage. Then we can let it become a little stronger by exercising eye muscles, just like exercising the body. Do V-shape by using index finger and middle finger to blackmail the eyelids with little force, then close eyes and after that open eyes vigorously. Repeat this action and do it 3 minutes per day. The eyes may feel a little sour, but it is very effective.

Do Not Apply Facial Cream to Your Neck

Maybe you usually apply facial cream to the neck. But in fact, neck skin and face skin are totally different. Nutrients of facial products are less likely to absorbed by the neck skin. That can only make the skin more greasy. The products specifically produced for the neck can eliminate neck lines and prevent the formation of double chin. When you smear cream, start from bottom to top, so that nutrients can be absorbed and then pat from top to bottom, from the lymph position to the chest. The last step is massaging along the neck lines.

Please Keep Smiling Even in Trouble

When you are working hard all day in the house or when you are alone in the Valentine Day, please still keep smiling, because it would make your brow relax without creating ugly wrinkles on the forehead. Once wrinkles on the forehead occur, it will not only make you look 10 years older, but also make you look like a old woman. Anti-wrinkle cream can be used in the daily skin care procedure. Press on the place between your brows and then pat wrinkles in a vertical direction. In days of strong sunshine, do not forget to wear sunglasses when you go out because lights will stimulate you to frown.

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