Who are you going to root for in the B Series clash between Austin MCBroom and Bryce Hall on Saturday night at ACL Fest? MCBroom has had a great season so far, placing fourth in the exhibition series, whilst Hall upset two-time Tour de France champion Tony Martin in the final. So, who is going to emerge as the more deserving team? Let’s break down the teams and see who has the upper hand. We’ve done all the research for you, so why not have a ball and try to make a few picks.

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Favorites for the competition: Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom. It really does come down to this. Bryce Hall has had an up and down season, but they definitely have the speed and athleticism to win this race. Austin McBroom is no slouch either, finishing third in this year’s tour event, so they too should have a fighting chance at taking this trophy home. However, if both reach the final, which likely will be McQueen’s first ever Tour de France victory, then this could be a very interesting battle ln en vivo.

Bearing in mind that the race is a non-stop day series, we suggest you start by watching the first of the three stages. This is typically known as the “Prelong” stage, and this gives you an excellent chance to see how the teams handle themselves on the tight bends and turns. If you haven’t taken a look at this yet, do some research on your own to discover how the sprinters fair as the course varies on intensity and distance. The other two stages are less obvious, and you can decide which you like best.

Coverage: As mentioned above, there is a lot of live action between the two sides, so you may want to follow along to watch the commentary. However, if you’re into timing yourself before the race starts and figuring out your best sprints, we suggest you tune in to the TV broadcast, too. You’ll get a better sense of who is running when you watch the races side-by-side with the pros. It’s definitely worth noting that the commentary doesn’t come free!

Live TV Coverage: You can catch the action live on TV at a number of locations, including Sky Sports in the UK and Eurosport in Belgium. However, you will only get the best quality when you catch the races live on TV. You’ll miss out on all the excitement if you miss out on one of the replays, and it’s unlikely you’ll catch anything if your local TV provider isn’t broadcasting the event live. So be sure to check out the coverage if you can…

So there you have it. We’ve tackled the basics of the clash between Bryce Hall and Austin McBrine, and the overall consensus is that Bryce Hall has the edge on paper. But can McQueen win? Only the future can tell!

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