Belly fat, thick stomach, spare tire…whichever you choose to call it, a fat stomach is a “huge” health risk. While you may not like the way it looks or the way your clothes fit (or don’t fit) around it, the physical appearance is not the greatest concern. Belly fat can be the onset to many health complications and even premature death.

As we age and our metabolism slows, we begin to gain weight in our stomach and waist area. For women, the onset of menopause increases the tendency to gain weight in the mid-section because fat will re-distribute. Women may find they gain weight in the stomach first as compared to previously seeing weight gain in other areas of their body.

And even more disturbing is the fat we need to most be concerned about, we CANNOT EVEN SEE! The visceral (fat) cells are found in the deepest fat layer of our stomach Biotox gold  area, putting pressure on and surrounding our organs. These fat cells can even produce hormones and other substances that interfere with the healthy functioning of our organs.

Health complications related to belly fat can include:

-cardiovascular disease

-some forms of cancer


-sleep apnea

-gall bladder problems


Having a large stomach is so much more than uncomfortable and unattractive, it is deadly!

While genetics may play a role in your abdominal weight gain, it can frequently be attributed to actual weight and diet. Keeping a low body fat ratio will decrease belly fat and bring about overall decreased body fat content. If you need to lose weight, cut back on your calorie intake. Try to maintain a diet rich in whole grains, and food choices with a high ratio of monounsaturated fats (nuts, seeds, chocolate…). Both of these can help the body rid itself of that deep layer of fat. And if you feel you need extra help, there are natural supplements available to assist with targeting the stomach area and weight loss.

Exercise is a key factor to reducing belly fat and maintaining an overall healthy body size (not to mention getting rid of those extra pounds). Aerobic/high intensity exercise is best when targeting the stomach area: weight training and muscle building increases progress. Another perk, exercise is a destressor, which leads to a decrease in cortisol and insulin (key contributors to belly fat).

Again, as we so often say, we cannot control Mother Nature and the aging process, but we can make choices that help us stay healthier and reduce the impact of aging. It is much easier to STAY healthy if we choose this lifestyle and practice it everyday than having to “damage control” and try to undo the shock of years of unhealthy living.

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