Hunter Wellies were originally designed for combating unpredictable weather and walking in Scotland’s rugged terrain but have become a global fashion necessity, not just for their cool sleek look but also for keeping your feet dry and happy. Purchasing a set is an investment that will reap you compliments at any Festival, Social Event, or just Shopping in wet weather. Hunter boots come with a 12month warranty against manufacturing faults which is great but not so great if they fall apart because of mistreatment. So don’t forget to give your Wellies some TLC!

How? Well for starters, store your Hunter Wellies in a cool, dry, dark place and never store whilst damp. You will want to avoid storage near sources of artificial heat or direct sunlight. Heat and sunlight can shorten the life span of rubber, and just storing your Wellies outside will cause the material to dry and crack. Do not store folded or creased this too can cause cracking if not a tear in your Wellingtons.

Cleaning your Wellingtons will keep them looking like they have just come out of their box. Wipe and dry naturally after use. Only use lukewarm, soapy water, never use 안전토토사이트 solvents! Using Hunter UV Tech Cleaner will help to maintain the “New” look and preserve their flexibility and colour. If your Wellies are the Balmoral Sovereigns and have a zipper the teeth should be kept clean and free of dirt.

What if white marks have appeared on your Hunter Wellies….

In hot or humid weather, white marks may appear on your boots; this is not a defect but a release of a protective wax known as “blooming”.

Every Hunter Wellington boot is made from 100% natural ingredients and small amounts of wax are included in the rubber compound during vulcanization process that is used to create a pair. When Wellies are exposed to certain environmental factors, this wax can “bloom” to the surface and appear as white or blue marks. This is not a defect and is completely natural.

If this does happen, you can wipe this blooming clean with a warm damp cloth. The Hunter UV Tech is the most effective method of removing such marks.

Some general advice to follow…be aware there is a greater risk of slipping with increased sole wear. If you are looking for a Wellies with high performance we recommend Hunters Balmorals range. Slipping can also occur if your Hunters have been exposed to solvents, oils and animals fats which can cause swelling in the rubber.

Most importantly Hunters boots contain natural rubber latex, which some people may be allergic too.

These few simple steps will help prolong the life of your Hunter Wellies and remember dry feet are happy healthy feet!

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