Believe or not, kids really love to cook, they want to spend time with mom and learn what she is doing in the kitchen. Children are naturally inquisitive and when you can teach them the art of cooking at a young age, you will turn out a great cook. Cooking with cursive n mom or even dad will boost their self esteem once they have done the task at hand; they will feel they have accomplished something important as well as fixing food for their family. To see a child’s face when they are cooking is a wondrous sight. Their eyes are as big as saucers and they are willing to try anything.

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Not only is it fun to cook, kids will learn about the nutrition their bodies need and most important healthy cooking. If you can teach them at an early age about healthy eating, they will carry that throughout their lives. Sadly too many children today are obese and they need to lose the weight, with learning to cook, they will and can actually learn the difference between the good food and the bad. Besides cooking with kids will help bond you with them, you will learn what makes them tick.

When learning to cook, kids will remember the memories for a life time, and they will pass this on to their children. My daughter is a grown woman now but when I was teaching her to cook as a child, she tells me she still remembers the mistakes along with the amazing meals she fixed, and we sit and laugh about it. Those are memories no one can take away. If you have boys, they will want to cook as well, don’t let them fool you. Think up something that you think they will like to fix such as grilled cheese sandwiches, all little boys, and big boys too love grilled cheese. Teach them to add different things to them as well, such as tomatoes or maybe put mustard on them.

You will instill cooking with the kids, the science involved in cooking, math, and creativity. They will learn life skills on how to feed their family; they will be contributing to the family and over all will feel good about themselves. Depending on the ages of your kids, start them out slowly. Safety should be your top priority. Don’t worry about the spilled milk or too much flour, that’s part of the learning process, and it, can be cleaned up.

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