As an insurance agent and business/marketing consultant, I am often shocked to hear how some insurance agents and businesses treat their customers. Because we, as customers, are taught by cavemen, ducks, and lizards that price is the most important factor to consider in our insurance products, we forget that there is value in how we are treated.

Admittedly, price is an important component to your buying decision, but you should expect more for your money. Always ask yourself why the rate is so low. Cheap Insurance premiums should not equal cheap treatment. As a result, I have comprised a list of 3 things that you should never compromise when looking for an insurance product.

1) Know exactly what you’re buying: Being blinded by a great rate can end up having severe consequences. Unfortunately, some agents will quote your insurance based on the absolute minimum coverage that is required by state law and/or your mortgage carrier.

If your agent does not volunteer to discuss what the policy entails, run, don’t walk out of that office. Again, rate is important, but if you buy a policy for $1 a year and it does not cover you or is placed with an unproven carrier, then you’re still paying too much for insurance.

2) What kind of “vibe” are you getting?: When calling your insurance agent, do you get the feeling that you are bothering the office staff? Is the agent available when you call or is he on the golf course? Does the agent or his/her office staff make you feel as if you have something hanging out of your nose when you visit their office? Do they answer the phone when you call?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, find someone who appreciates your presence and insurance business. Unfortunately, many agents have grown complacent in the customer service department. The “BIG Box store” treatment should not be part bandar judi online of the insurance experience. You are person, not a number or nuisance, and their business should not be rewarded for treating you as such. Write this down: YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND ANOTHER AGENT WHO IS COMPETITIVE. Don’t buy into the philosophy that low price equals poor service.

3) Don’t trust agents who only discuss price: If you haven’t already figured it out, there is more to insurance than what it costs. Just like some generic foods, there are insurance products that sacrifice quality for less money…and it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Agent’s who only discuss price do not recognize the value in their own products, and as a result, feel compelled to overcompensate by concentrating on your “savings.” If they do not believe in the merits of their own product, then how can you.

There are hundreds of factors for you to consider when buying any type of insurance, and as a result, your insurance agent should be a qualified and reliable resource to assist you…not a place to deposit money for an unknown return. If you never compromise on these 3 things, then you can count on your agent to assist you with the other factors needed to make an educated decision.

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