Dried foods are those left on the earth because the natural process has dried them out completely. This type of food is usually edible but not digestible like fresh foods. This process is sometimes done by using an oven or by using radiation. The radiation system is quite expensive, but it is more suitable for large quantities. Food drying is a popular way of preserving food that has been used throughout the ages. Dried foods are used in the kitchen, in the desert, and even in space.

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Dried foods are dried using one of two different drying processes. The first method of drying foods uses heat to speed up the drying process. Heat can remove moisture from some types of foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Dried fish can be cooked in a microwave within a matter of seconds, even before they are brown. Vitamin C can be removed from dried meats, although this vitamin loses some of its moisture when heated. Dried fruits can only be stored in the fridge for a few days before losing all of their vitamin C.

High temperature is required to remove moisture and to speed up the dehydration process. Because dried foods are at room temperature, they do not retain any of the vitamins, minerals, or nutrients from the original ingredients. By using high temperature, the nutrients from the original foods are locked in and can be used immediately. Cooking dried foods at low temperatures can result in some vitamins and minerals being lost best dried foods in vietnam.

A state university in New Mexico offers classes in the drying food arts. Students can learn how to grade these items and learn how to preserve them at home. Students can learn how to prepare several different-sized meals from dried fruits, vegetables, and meats at home. The freezer pack method is taught in these classes and students can create their own dehydrated state university diet plan for eating on a budget.

A high school in Northern California offers a class that completes the preparation and freezing of dried meat products. Students learn the importance of using low temperature methods and learn how to preserve dried meat products at home for six weeks. The meat is dehydrated using a low temperature, then stored in airtight containers. The students make a report about the quality of the dried meat and vegetables after 6 weeks of storage in the refrigerator.

University of Tennessee in Knoxville offers a Summer Soothing Vegetable seminar in January. This two-day seminar will include information on how to select vegetables for juicing, steeping, and grating. The seminar will also focus on how fruits can be prepared for consumption as well as cooking techniques for specific fruit varieties. The Summer Soothing, Vegetable program will include cooking vegetables in water. The cooking techniques will include using a vegetable press and chopping vegetables with hand. Other methods used for juicing, steeping, and grating include a potato masher and the peel and chop.

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