Phenolic resins are used in a wide range of applications which include high technology applications such as aerospace and electronics, construction materials and so forth. It also finds application in various other fields such as laminated sheets, varnishes, industrial coatings, plywood adhesives, fiber bonding and wood bonding. This resin is basically derived from natural gas and crude oil and therefore the prices of these resins depend on the cost and availability of these resources.

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Applications And Uses:

Coating: Depending on the type of phenol and heat reactivity, these resins are classified into four different categories. These resins are available in different forms such as solid, solutions and viscous liquids. There are resins which are heat reactive which can be used to coat the interiors of drums, pipe coatings and metal primers. These coatings have several beneficial features. It offers adequate resistance to salts, solvents and acids.

Phenolic or bakelite powder can be used to coat several materials such as ceramic, metal and plastic surfaces. As bakelite powder offers excellent corrosion resistance, it is often used to coat metal pipes. The applications of this powder vary largely according to its physical properties ceramic smoking pipes.

Adhesives: It is also used largely as adhesives as the solvent includes a peel-resistant and strong bond. It is used in various industries such as footwear, construction, furniture and automotive industry. The strength and durability of the resin depends on its specific type and grade.

Molding Compounds: Bakelite powder is also used to mould different types of compounds. Articles which are moulded with the use of this powder exhibits various qualities such as chemical and flame resistance, high temperature resistance and so forth.

Space Field: It is also widely used in spacecrafts, rockets and missiles as it is resistive to high temperature, erosion resistance and many other attractive features. In addition to aerospace, it can widely be used in various other fields too.

The application of phenolic resin is increasing considerably with the rising demand for flame retardant, low toxic and low smoke materials which are widely used for security purposes. It is also used in trains, schools, hospitals, public buildings, airports and so forth.

Bakelite powder is modified by polyamide resin which increases the toughness and the adhesion of the resin. It can therefore be used for a wide range of purposes.

In the earlier days, bakelite powder was used only in industrial fields, today due to its increased usage and various innovative techniques; it is widely used to manufacture jewelries and dinnerware. Various items are made from bakelite powder such as telephones, radios and so forth.

Phenolic resin can be bought from various reputed online stores at affordable price rates. These resins are used for printing inks, acid resistant and chemical coatings for containers, tubes and tins for packing cosmetics, food, drugs and so forth. These resins can be identified with its mechanical properties and adhesive stability. It is also used in paint industries as it offers the required hardness or consistency to paints. It finds application in the production of circuit boards too.

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