One of the advantages of wooden furniture is that it has a lot of natural properties that make it suitable for use in any room in the house. It is highly resistant to damage, can withstand extreme temperatures and comes with a very long life. As a result of its resistance to damage, it does not require any specific maintenance at all. However, like any other type of furniture, there are certain precautions that you need to take to maintain the furniture in good condition. These include treating the wood with appropriate water and wood treatments.

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The most common type of timber used to make furniture is pine. Pine wood features excellent dimensional stability, which makes it ideal for use in cabinetry and other furniture making applications. It is often used in cabinets made from oak or cherry, as it is quite hardwearing. Another benefit of using this wood is that it is available in a variety of beautiful shades. This allows it to be combined with other woods to create complex and intricate furniture designs.

Walnut is another highly durable wood commonly used for making furniture. Walnut features an elegant grain pattern that makes it look warm and inviting However, one of the drawbacks of using walnut in furniture is that it stains easily and requires a lot of treatment to stay looking good. It is commonly used in high-end master bedrooms. Another drawback of using walnut is that the color usually darkens with age and exposure to sunlight.

Another type of strong wood used for making furniture is oak. Oak is commonly used in domestic furniture as it has a warm, rustic look. In fact, the word oak originates from the word oaks, which is related to the Latin word for door. Because oak wood is so strong, it is often used in high end and exotic furnishing projects such as home theatre systems.

But perhaps the best-known wood types are cherry and mahogany. Mahogany is known for its dark color, which gives it an inviting look and feel. Cherry is extremely durable and strong, but it is also commonly used in furniture because of its light-colored, reddish-brown wood grains. A fun fact about cherry is that, it is rarely used for making cabinet doors due to the cracking tendency. However, it is still popular for its use in flooring materials.

So if you want the best wood furniture for your home, it is important to consider all the different types of wood available. There is no specific type of wood that is the best for every household. The key is to understand what your own preferences are when it comes to beauty and durability. Then look for a supplier who stocks only the top quality, handcrafted wood furniture from different types of wood.

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