The high blood pressure has often been termed as the silent killer. Although it is not as dangerous as being the heart attack or the stroke, it can be much more serious and is characterized by the excess of the hypertension of the arteries. This condition affects millions of people in America alone. If left untreated, it can cause the death of the individual, even without symptoms.

Mild high blood pressure in young adults linked to heart problems later in  life - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

There are a lot of reasons why people have high blood pressure. In some instances, the hypertension is as a result of heredity. Other times, the person is exposed to a stressful work environment. Work-related hypertension is a problem that does occur more often than not, and this is often attributed to the way one works, where they sit, the amount of caffeine they ingest and the amount of alcohol they consume mon an cho nguoi cao huyet ap.

But the most common reason for high blood pressure is unhealthy eating habit. An individual’s diet is often affected by their lifestyle, so this causes an unhealthy dependence upon food. These people will get into bad habits like overeating and indulging in certain vices such as smoking, drinking, etc. This unhealthy lifestyle leads to high blood pressure. As the hypertension progresses, the person may develop heart diseases and other ailments.

Sometimes, other factors such as a malfunctioning kidney system, liver problems and the presence of some other illness may also lead to high blood pressure. Even stress is considered a trigger factor. High blood pressure is diagnosed through various methods. The most popular of these methods is the electrocardiogram or EKG. It is usually carried out during a check up and reveals the real status of the heart.

The use of a digital electronic Doppler device called the ambulatory monitor helps in getting more detailed information about the patient’s medical state. This helps in early detection of high blood pressure, which can be life threatening. A high blood pressure is diagnosed through various methods. It is usually done by checking the heart rate of the patient and by reading the electrocardiogram.

There are various other tests that are also used for high blood pressure diagnosis. A virtual examination is one such test, where the heart rate of a person is monitored with the help of a computerized program. All these tests are useful in determining the right treatment for high blood pressure. There are various types of medication available for high blood pressure treatment, but these medicines have some side effects, so it is always better to consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

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