History is witness that only a few styles of clothes have stood the test of time. Amongst those few, a handful have stood out and defined and on many occasions, re-defined modern casual clothing. Undisputedly, we are talking about the Polo Shirt. A style sported by many across the globe. Practically any and every brand that claims to be in the lifestyle apparel space has its range of Polos and why shouldn’t they? It’s turned out to be a style that simply cannot be ignored. We’ve often wondered how this style came into being. Who designed it?, Who first introduced it? In which part of the world did it become famous? We decided to deep dive and find out some facts of our own.

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The 19th Century. It all started there. (Damn! That was our first reaction too. Who knew eh?). Wait till we give you another stunner. Manipur – India. (DAMN! Keeps getting better). British Soldiers stationed in India witnessed a match of the game (polo), wherein 2 teams on horsebacks play against one another with the objective of scoring goals against each other. The game got appreciated to quite an extent so much as the soldiers decided to go ahead and form first Polo Club of its time. Over a period of time, the sport became fairly popular amongst Soldiers and British Tea Planters. Just like any other popular sport, people started paying attention to the sports dress code. The traditional attire, at that time, consisted of a thick long sleeved shirt made up of cotton. As royal as it looked, it turned out to be quite uncomfortable as the collar kept flapping while galloping on the field. Officially the sport got introduced to England in 1862 เสื้อโปโล.

At the end of the 19th Century, one of the grandsons of the famous Brooks Brothers, John E-book came to England on account of some work. While watching a Polo game he noticed something peculiar about the player’s shirts. He noticed that they had buttoned down the shirt so as to prevent them from flapping. Realizing a truly unique and interesting opportunity here John took the idea back to the Brooks Brothers where they applied button-down collars to dress shirts. Boom! Once introduce in 1896 this button-down shirt become a style that changed the face of menswear forever. Termed to be the most imitated item in fashion history, the Brooks Brothers still call their shirt the original Polo-Shirt.

Another person responsible for making the style for legendary French tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste. The credit of inventing the modern polo is usually given to him. Similar to Polo players, tennis attire was highly impractical at that time. Can you imagine Tennis played in long sleeved, button up shirts (usually worn with sleeves rolled up)? Not kidding… it happened and for quite some time. Lacoste using his status and ranking decided to change that. Thus after a lot of work, what we know as the modern polo shirt, was officially introduced.

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