Stantonandgreene is situated in the North of Scotland. It is a beautiful town that offers plenty of things to do and sights to see. St Stantonandgreene is the largest market town in the area and is also a popular destination for people who travel to the area on vacation. With its many attractions, there are always things to do.

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The town was named after George Stanton, an American lawyer and surveyor who served during the American Civil War. George’s family had been in business in the area for over one hundred years. They were always making sure that the streets and homes were strong and built with quality. George was very involved with his business and took great pride in the town that he helped build. He was also an avid hunter and wildlife photographer that enjoyed the countryside around St Stantonandgreene.

In the middle part of the nineteenth century, George’s son, Austin, was born. The couple had a daughter named Anna, who was just two at the time. Because Austin was very jealous of his father’s wealth, he sought to gain control of the company that his father operated. George had enough experience to be aware of the struggles that many families had in this type of situation, so he made sure that everyone had a better chance at success.

The Stonands were not rich but they were stable. When the railway was built, traveling between the towns was much easier. There were more jobs available in the town and it became more populated. This meant that business flourished. In the late nineteenth century, George started a saw mill and this turned into a gold mine for him and his fellow workers

The first railway station in the area was completed in nineteen seventy-two by the name of Harriston. It connected the town of St Stantonandgreene to the town of Inverness. The line went through the Argyll and Bute and became known as the Railway. By the end of the twenties, there were three large passenger trains that stopped at the various stations in the St Stantonandgreene area.

In the early Twentieth century, Austin Martin opened what is still known today as the Austin Hotel and Casino. This hotel was the site of the First World Series. The hotel was built by the well know architect John Van de Kamp, who also designed the Universal Studios Theme Park. There are many historical sights in the area and it has become a favorite vacation destination for many people in the world.

It is also possible to enjoy the many attractions that are located in and around the town of Stantonandgreene. There are many parks and outdoor activities to participate in. Many popular festivals occur in the town, including the Stonebake festival and the Evergreen International Festival.

There is no question that the town of Stantonandgreene is one of Canada’s greatest destinations for tourist enjoyment. The many things to do and see are sure to make any vacation memorable. No matter what your budget may be you are sure to find a place to stay that suits your needs and the history of the place. If you would like to find more information on the history of the area and where to visit all you need to do is conduct an online search. You will find many sites that have articles written by local historians.

For those who are interested in more than just the old buildings and history you can still visit the Nova Scotia culture question at the Globe Centre. Here you can hear from such notable personalities as John Locke, Anne Hutchinson and Thomas Jefferson. You can even go on a walking tour of the historic area. The Walking Tours are very informative and interesting.

There are many fine dining restaurants in the area as well as shopping opportunities. You can spend an entire day at any of the shops and not get bored. There are many art galleries as well as museums that displayed various artifacts from the past. There are also plenty of great places for night life and dancing. In fact, the Dancing Club of Nova Scotia is very popular.

You will find that the Nova Scotia scenery is very picturesque and offers something for everyone. This wonderful little town is very busy with both tourism and development. This means that the quality of the accommodations and the variety of activities is top notch. All kinds of accommodation can be found including hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts. Of course, if you want to save money there are plenty of budget options to choose from as well.

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