Not everyone is cut out to operate an online store. My experience is that it is much more of a challenge operating a fully-loaded online store than it is promoting those money-making, one-page websites.

11 Mistakes You're Making With Your Online Store That Are Costing You Money

Unfortunately, many online store owners have succumbed to the deadly “Set it and forget it”! Cliche coined by the TV Infomercial pitchmen.

That concept may be fine if one is selling ovens, blenders and other such gizmos, but it simply doesn’t work when it comes to operating an online store. And certainly this cliche doesn’t belong in an online marketing strategy интернет магазин.

A successful online business requires much determination, discipline and business savvy. Sometimes those things that seem so right and so logical are really little foxes in disguise that spoil the vine, and we must be aware of them.

Here are just a few major points about managing an web store:

1) Do Your Research: Determine what is currently in high demand. Successful online stores are never stocked with thread-bare, over-sold products that have gone from hand to hand over the years and been reworked to death.

2) Be Careful of The “Freebies” You Include: We all love “freebies” and every one of us has given a new face to old products in hope of big sales. A new product cover, a freshly minted title and a handful of tweaks simply aren’t enough to attract repeat customers. You need new products that are in high demand. Products that are based on customer need and for which buyers will line up eager to lay down their money.

3) Be Ready To Pay For Good Products: I still believe in the old adage: “You have to spend money to make money”. I simply don’t see how any entrepreneur can get around that fact. But spend wisely. Do the “math” on every product you consider. Don’t spend foolishly, but only for those products that meet your research criteria. Spend on the right products and you will get your money back many times over.

4) Monitor your store well: This is crucial to success! One of the biggest mistakes online store owners make is adapting the “Set and forget” mentality. This will kill your online store faster than anything else.

The store owner must constantly revisit his site and make sure each product listed is still live. I have visited many online stores and left very quickly simply because many links I clicked were no longer valid. My store is always stocked with a minimum of 300 top-selling products, and often feature as many as 500 at any given time. If I were to neglect monitoring each product link, it would not be long before many of my links would be useless, resulting in many of my visitors going elsewhere to buy.

If you are serious about an online store, you must commit yourself to frequent link checks. In a case where you have full control of the site, you have the ability to add, delete and change products whenever you please. Make sure you take full advantage of this benefit.

5) Never rely on those “free” stores: These exist in abundance. The unfortunate thing is that you have absolutely no control over content. You will probably be asked to pay for a domain name and registration, and web hosting, but you are given no say in what products will be listed. Don’t be fooled by those promotion tactics that allow you to change things like the background color of your store and a few graphics. These have nothing to do with making sales. The products offered do!

There are many other points that can be made regarding managing an online store but space does not permit me to continue in this discourse. Hopefully those things I have mentioned have been of benefit to you.

If you are serious about launching a successful store, then purchase something that gives you total control over every aspect of the business, especially choice of product.

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