Some people are blessed with normal, well-balanced skin whilst others may have varying problems, such as dryness, irritation, combination skin, acne prone skin or an oily skin condition. Heredity can play a role in oily skin and if your mother or father had it you may well have also have it.

Production of oil in the skin is stimulated by hormone production and anything that causes fluctuation in the hormones can cause skin to become excessively oily. For women, hormonal changes occur not only during puberty but at the beginning of each menstrual cycle, during pregnancies and also during menopause. If a woman is taking a birth control pill this can also affect the skin badly and contribute to an oily skin problem. Emotional and physical situations can also cause the skin to react SkinCell PRO badly and make hormones go into overdrive, which can exacerbate an oily skin condition.

Oil in the skin (known as sebum) is produced by the sebaceous glands which are located within the second layer (or dermis) of the skin. These glands are most plentiful in the face, neck, chest, head and back, and are one reason for these areas being affected by excessive oil production more than in any other area of the body. In order to reach your skin from the glands, the oils flow into nearby follicular pores and work their way to the skin’s surface. This oil then plays an essential role in the health of skin and hair. It helps seal essential moisture into the skin and helps keep skin plump and hydrated. However, in some people excessive oil is produced, and as a result hair no longer looks clean and shiny but rather greasy and dirty-looking, and skin can look shiny, slick and grimy.

For people with an oily skin problem there are some positives about having this skin condition (yes, really!). The best thing is that oily skin tends to age less quickly than other types of skin and will have less wrinkles and creases as it ages. People pay good money to try and keep their skin looking youthful, so having a naturally more youthful, less wrinkly skin without having to pay anything for it can only be a very good thing! Many people who are afflicted with a dry skin or combination skin condition would be happy to have skin that is naturally more plump and youthful looking due to its natural abundance of oils, so if you have an oily skin problem there are distinct benefits!

However, the better your diet is, the better your skin will look and behave, and this applies to everybody of course! If you eat lots of junk food and your diet is lacking in essential minerals and vitamins then this will be reflected in the condition of your skin and in your body in general. To prevent an oily skin problem from worsening and to improve the condition of your skin (and your overall health!) there are simple dietary changes that you can make, such as:-

  • Drinking plenty of water, or uncaffeinated drinks such as fruit juices. This will keep skin super-hydrated and flush out toxins. The more toxins there are in the body, the more they will play havoc with your skin and only exacerbate an oily skin problem. Don’t drink too many soft drinks and restrict alcohol intake.
  • Restrict your intake of sugar, salt, chocolate and highly processed and junk foods.
  • Reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet. Avoid processed meats, fried and highly seasoned foods. Don’t consume hydrogenated fat, animal fats or heat-processed vegetable oils. Healthy fats, such as olive oil and those contained in oily fish, are essential for healthy skin and hair, however, so everybody should include these as part of a regular, healthy diet in order to keep skin at its best.
  • Make sure your diet is rich in proteins, and eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • A deficiency in Vitamin B2 can cause, or contribute to, an oily skin problem. Good sources of Vitamin B2 are whole grains, nutritional yeast, wheatgerm, beans and nuts.
  • Evening Primrose Oil is beneficial for the skin. It contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which is an essential fatty acid that strengthens skin cells and boosts their moisture content.

There are other simple steps you can take to improve an oily skin problem:-

  • Avoid smoking, or spending too long in a smoky environment, as this promotes enlargement of the pores and will impair the overall health of the skin.
  • Get enough sleep, as the skin’s cellular repair activity is at its optimum during sleep.

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