With nearly two million people, Qatar has been voted by the Forbes Magazine as the richest country in the world for the last three consecutive years. With the highest GDP per capita in the world, Qatar is divided into seven municipalities. Doha, being the capital of Qatar, is where the bulk of the locals and expatriates are generally concentrated. December to April is the most ideal time to visit Qatar. During this time, the weather is fairly cold because at around the same time when the weather system that begins in Siberia has started to take place with the cold front spreading across the region towards the Middle East. Almost all areas in Qatar are accessible by bus or Taxi. Let’s start our journey, and wander on some of the great places in Qatar:

Museum of Islamic Art. It is home to different historical art works and relics of the Middle East. The museum boasts of the rich heritage of Qatar and much of the Arab world. Designed by Leoh Ming Pei, a Chinese American architect often called a master of modern architecture, and who designed the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, it lies on the edge of the Doha Harbor. Aside from a library, the museum has a restaurant offering fine dining of French Mediterranean cuisine with an Arabic twist arsitek medan terbaik.

Doha Corniche. Perhaps the most famous and most accessible among all the tourist destinations especially for the local residents, It is known for its scenic location where the spectacular skyscrapers of Qatar can be vividly viewed. Its 7-km long stretch that runs through in a horseshoe shape along the shoreline of Doha Bay and the city’s sea-front is a haven for picnic activities, jogging and strolling.

Aspire Tower. Also known as the Aspire Hotel, this 300-meter tall skyscraper is constructed in time for the 15th Asian Games. With its unique shape of a colossal torch, this work-of-art structure showcases different spectrum of vibrant led lights of varying colors illuminating at night, which are nearly visible in almost all parts of Doha.

Souq Waqif. This is home to indigenous products of Qatar and some of its neighbors. With distinctive designs on its veneers, its buildings depict of an old Qatar. It is a shopping destination renowned for selling traditional garments, spices, handicrafts, and souvenirs. It is also home to dozens of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. It is now considered one of the top tourist destinations within Doha.

Villagio Mall. One of the biggest malls in Qatar, this Italian-inspired retail store was razed by fire in 2012. Though many have insinuated that it would be closed for good, people were ecstatic when the mall finally reopened in the last quarter of 2012, bringing back the excitement used to be enjoyed by its most avid costumers.

State Mosque. As its name suggests, it is the largest mosque in Qatar. The construction of this magnificent iconic structure was completed middle of 2011 in time for the observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Most noted for its large multi-domed roof, and with a total area of over 176,000 square meters, it houses a number of facilities including a prayer hall that can accommodate 11,000 people all at the same time. It has a minaret that stands 65 meters tall.

Al Khor. It is located in the Northern part of Qatar, 50 kilometers from Doha. Al Khor, a 45-minute drive from Doha, offers a city-wide experience as in Doha. It is home to some retails stores and well-known food chains in the country. Just 30 km from the town proper is Ras Laffan, one of the largest liquified natural gas producer in Qatar.

Al Wakra. Just like Al Khor, travelling along the sea lines makes it even more exciting. Situated in the South Eastern side of Qatar, some of Al Wakra’s infamous sea lines promise once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is here where some of the most nerve-wrecking actions are taking place. The most popular of which is riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) across the loose sand and rugged terrain atop a hill or simply by watching the locals doing some breath-taking car maneuvers on the same terrain.

Dukhan. Home to Qatar Petroleum, one of the leading producers of oil and gas in the world, Dukhan is just 1 km away from Hawar Island, Bahrain’s closest territory to Qatar. In addition, the construction of the road that will link Qatar and Bahrain is now underway as part of the multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects earmarked to be undertaken in preparation for Qatar 2022, and to link the rest of the Arab countries to Qatar. The newly constructed highway is very ideal for travelling and sightseeing as well. Along the highway en route to and from Doha, you get the chance to peek on one of the world’s most fascinating animals-the camel.

If you want to see the picturesque view of Doha, for just a few pennies, the best thing to do is to take a ride on board the “Karwa Bus”. You can have a better view of the whole of Qatar in a little less than a day.

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