Time spent in the classroom is not always considered the most important aspect of college. What is arguably the most significant part of college is the internship that students participate in, which provides real life experience in the profession that a person may wish to work. Internships in the entertainment and music industry vary from positions in A&R to marketing to planning events. Internships that are prominent in this industry include any through Madison Square Garden, particularly with Fuse, the record label Fueled by Ramen, and Paradigm Agency. Each of these internships guarantees that the student going into that internship will come out with a new perspective of the industry and with the skills to handle it home improvement blog.

Madison Square Garden is known for its place in the entertainment and music industry. There is a summer student associate program for “marketing/sales entertainment and Fuse” that is currently enrolling and is offered yearly. Fuse is a television network that features everything going on in the music industry today. Fuse is always on top of the latest music and entertainment news. The internship’s listing states that they want nothing but the best and expect nothing short of greatness. This is the ideal internship for someone that wants to get their hands into the pool of the entertainment and music industry. To learn more about this experience and other examples Madison Square Garden’s potential opportunities, visit the Madison Square Garden webpage and then search through the student opportunities page.

Fueled by Ramen is a record label nearing two decades old. This record label is responsible for artists such as fun., Gym Class Heroes, and Paramore, all of whom have had a song on the charts within the past two years. While there is no page on the website just for potential interns, it does direct those that want an internship from Fueled By Ramen to email them and include all the information possible that would make said person qualified for an internship position here. Include a resume in this email for the best results. There is no specific time frame in which this firm accepts interns, so there are almost always opportunities. This is a top internship for a person that wants to intern for the label responsible for current hit artists. To see more information on Fueled by Ramen and what to do to qualify as an intern, visit fueledbyramen.com.

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