Is your diet giving you the holistic vitality you need to get through your day? Perhaps you’re too busy doing other things to worry about what you eat, as long as it’s quick to prepare or purchase and tasty to eat, it will suffice. Or will it? If you keep putting inferior fuel into an engine, the engine will eventually slow down to a dead stop. Your body is simply a mechanical engine. Put the wrong fuel into it and suffer the slow down.

Many people are beginning to listen to what their body is telling them. They feel the need to change their diet. It may be outwardly obvious why they need to change their diet: they’re carrying too much excess weight. Or they simply realize their body’s needs are changing: they require lighter, healthier food. They seek the vitality they instinctively know a change to a more holistic, healthier diet will give them.

If you intuitively know you really ought to change your diet, what’s stopping you? Too lethargic to make an effort? Have you ever thought about why you eat? The primary reason is to sustain your physical life. If you are indulging in more than is necessary to fulfill this basic reason for eating, then chances are, you’re an emotional eater.

We are strange creatures at times. We feel an emotional need and try to assuage that need by feeding the physical body. This body doesn’t want the extra food, but at the same time, the emotional body is begging for help. Perhaps it is time to use your intuition. Start listening to your whole self, respect its needs and give it the nourishment it requires, where it shows a need.

We have mostly forgotten that our bodies need ‘high octane’ food to sustain optimum functioning. We expect that we can put lifeless food in and hope that we get powerful energy out. Food devoid of life sustaining energy does not feed the nourishment requirements of the body. “Adulterated food is commonplace in today’s market; most things that have been processed have been denatured and destroyed of the nutritional requirements for building a strong body. The natural energy of the food has been replaced with energies that are not compatible with human health.” – Bill Hinchcliff, Energy Healer.

If you find you are eating low vitality food most of the time, your body is starving for life force energy. If this is the case, your brain is probably needing more energy, your whole complex biological and emotional systems need a huge dose of TLC and real nutrition. Foods saturated in heavy fats, high in unrefined sugar and laced with toxic preservatives no longer fit the bill. So what can you do when the idea of another diet is just too much?

Easy! Just make tiny-step changes. How about you try substituting some fresh fruit for morning tea and drinking cool fresh water instead of coffee? But just do this on Mondays only, for Vitalflow a couple of weeks. Can you do that? Then, in week three, do this on Mondays and Fridays. Can you manage that? In week four, use your imagination; perhaps change one small ingredient in your evening meal. You get the big picture we’re painting here. You’re in charge. You make the choice for healthier living. And it’s no big deal because you’re changing only one small thing at a time.

Just introduce small changes spread out over time. You’ll notice your vitality levels rising. You will feel lighter, and look lighter! Soon you will begin to want only healthy food and will love the pure uplift of water. But above all, you will develop a healthy awareness and respect for what your body needs to keep you well and energized. Small but regular upgrades to your food choices will help you develop a mindfulness of your purpose: to eat healthier food for more vitality and improved health.

One last trick to making lasting changes to your eating habits: enjoy the changes you’re implementing! If you are eating an apple, taste its full flavor. When you drink a glass of water, use a clear glass or crystal, and notice the water tricking down inside your throat. When you prepare your meal, arrange it artfully on your plate, sit down gently and eat slowly and deliberately, with a pleasant smile on your face.

In other words, harness your intuition. Bring your attention into the present moment and savor the full experience of what you are eating and drinking, and feel it lifting your energy. You are creating the new you, empowered and energized, so feel and enjoy your own holistic vitality.

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