Jack Mason is a golf course designer who has achieved considerable success in the industry. He founded Jack’s Creek Country Club in 1953 and has since become one of the most popular names in golf courses. His courses are regarded as some of the best in the country. His main golf course design was inspired by the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In fact, his famous “Bridgestone Dam Golf Course” lies in the Blue Ridge area.

Jack Mason’s other golf courses have earned him a total of twenty-seven awards including two of the club’s top prizes. A part of his motivation for designing these golf courses was his love for the outdoors and the desire to provide a challenging course for golfers of all abilities. The club’s 18-hole championship course was designed so that players would be challenged both physically and mentally. The course is also scenic and offers views of the Shenandoah Valley and the mountains. Another course in the portfolio of Jack Mason is his Black Mountain Resort. This is another example of his natural expertise as a golf course designer Jack Mason’s considerable success.

Jack Mason’s business ventures span a wide range of products and services. They include golf clothing, golf balls, golf shoes, apparel, accessories, training aids and books. In addition to being an innovator in the golf course’s design industry, Jack Mason is also an accomplished writer. He has composed numerous articles for golf publications and has taught professional golf courses in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Besides his many professional golf courses designs, Jack Mason has written several books on golf topics.

Jack Mason’s vast experience in golf course design and management has enabled him to oversee the expansion of several North Carolina golf facilities. These facilities include the Jack Mason Country Club, the Silver Sands Golf Course, the Ramble Course at Wrightsville Beach and the Jack Mason Loxahatchee Club. These North Carolina golf club developments have added new amenities and luxury houses to the communities, contributing to the total development of over 6 million square feet of space. Additionally, these golf courses have been able to attract some of the finest entertainers in the country. These entertainers have included country music artists, motivational speakers, and world-class chefs.

Jack Mason’s other ventures include the production and development of numerous other golf courses in the eastern part of North Carolina. These courses are located at the Ramble Course at Wrightsville Beach, the Bear Mountain Golf Course at Blue Ridge, the River Ridge Country Club at Broxton, the Topsail Springs Country Club at Blairsville, the Silver Sands Golf Course at Black Mountain, and the Ramble course at Wrightsville. The Ramble course at Wrightsville Beach has been ranked among the top eighteen courses in the United States by Golf Digest. A major project is the construction of the second 18-hole championship course at Ramble. The other projects include the opening of a new pro shop and club house at the Bear Mountain Golf Course in Blairsville. In addition, the Ramble course has received a free makeover by replacing the out-of-date signage with a contemporary graphic logo.

Jack Mason’s companies have established themselves in the North Carolina area as leaders in the industry. They have created many opportunities for local residents, provided numerous scholarships to students, and developed many exceptional golf courses. Jack Mason’s companies continue to provide exceptional service to their valued customers and clients. Therefore, they are a company that one would want to do business with.

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