Blood pressure can go out of balance, both up and down. We usually think of blood pressure that has gone out of kilter as being too high (hypertension). When it goes too low (hypotension) it can have very serious consequences and should be treated immediately. Hypotension can cause problems in the brain, potentially creating a fatal situation.

What can cause hypotension? The most recognized common reason is an insufficient volume of blood (hypovolemia), often set off by problems of the nervous Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula system within the brain. Among other causes is medication that lists hypovolemia as a side effect.

Since low blood pressure has a negative effect on the brain, it is even more serious than high blood pressure. It is vital to have it diagnosed and immediately brought back into balance.

A recognizable symptom of hypotension occurs when there is a change in body position. The symptom is most commonly obvious when rising up from a lying or sitting position. One is aware of the brain not functioning properly, a feeling of dizziness may occur, taking a couple of seconds to pass. This is one of the most common forms of low blood pressure and is called orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension. Should you develop these symptoms while on medication, consult your doctor immediately.

A less common form of hypotension is orthostatic hypotension. Also called postprandial hypotension, it manifests 30 to 75 minutes following a meal.

The stomach requires lots of energy, enzymes and a multitude of chemicals to digest food. The simpler, more natural the food, the easier the stomach’s tasks and requirements are. But, as with almost all activities in the body, a sizable amount of blood is required to complete the task. At this point the autonomic nervous system steps in to help the heart out as the heart now has less volume of blood to work with. Over time, this weakens the autonomic nervous system.

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