When visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand, you can expect all your shopping needs to be met. With lots and lots of traditional Thai silk and local handicraft, those shopping for souvenirs and gifts in Chiang Mai will have plenty to fill their bags with.

The Airport Plaza and the Kad Suan Kaew are the two main shopping malls in Chiang Mai both of which are characterized by a wide range of restaurants, shops, and other outlets offering a wide range of services. Both of these shopping malls contain a supermarket, a multi-screen cinema and a large department store 레플리카.

Located on the corner Hang Dong Road and Mahidol close and the city’s airport, Airport Plaza is set over a four floors in a huge L-shaped with superb parking facilities and a wide range of public transport options.

Inside the Airport Plaza is the huge Robinson department store dealing in a variety of clothing, appliances, household goods, cosmetics and other goods; the Northern Village dealing in northern craft products; Tops supermarket; a major Cineplex; Sizzler Steakhouse; Watsons Pharmacy and a number of eateries.

The Kad Suan Kaew also features prominently in the Chiang Mai’s mall shopping center experience. Commonly known as Central, Kad Suan Kaew is the largest mall shopping center in Chiang Mai with huge and at times confusing complex housing among them a mini bowling alley, a hotel, food court, restaurants, cinema, and a departmental store. Kad Suan Kaew occupies the enviable position of hosting the British retailer Marks and Spencer among other major specialists and general retailers.

While the quality of merchandise that can be found in the two shopping malls can be wanting at times, there is no doubt that goods in either of the two are cheap, especially when compared with other major cities around Thailand.

Whether you are shopping for oriental antiques, ceramics, jewelry, or Buddhist ornaments, you can be assured of a memorable shopping experience in this Thai city, especially if you visit the renowned two shopping malls and the renowned Night Bazaar.

Night Bazaar areas, covers a vast space along the whole length of Chang Klan Road, between Si Donchai Road and Phae Road. This Night Bazaar through not the largest is arguably the premier attraction and the ultimate mall shopping center trip, where the legendary Yunnan’s trading caravan once stopped, ages ago.

A blend of glass-fronted mall shopping center and multitudes of street traders, shopping at the Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar is just spellbinding and particularly the wide range of rock-bottom priced designer goods that characterize the Chiang Mai’s mall shopping center experience.

The Night Bazaar building contain a permanent selection of shops and stalls, dealing in a mixture of handicrafts, fabrics, clothing, antiques, ceramics, silverware, and furniture. Tasty delicacies can also be found around this mall shopping center, with a good selection of food outlets retailing in refreshment.

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