One of the best ways to retain membership members and even to have your members tell others about your membership website is to under promise and over deliver. Over delivering typically means that you are going to add a bonus that adds value to the content your members knew they would be receiving when they signed up. For example if your membership site provides content about online marketing, a bonus might be an eBook that has information about free online marketing resources such as press releases, article directories and similar content.

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The real advantage of over delivering by adding a period bonus is that will reduce requests for refunds. You can create your own bonus material or you can use quality private label rights as your bonuses. Remember to check the private label rights license to ensure you can add it to a paid membership website bonus 100 member baru sportsbook.

Any bonus you provide should add value to the content in your membership website. If you offer an unrelated bonus, they may question the value of your content in your membership website. Let me give you an example of unrelated content although it does not pertain to membership sites.

We’ve all seen the mega-launches for various products. Affiliate marketers will throw in some bonuses so you will buy through their affiliate links. Often these bonuses will include their own unrelated products. That’s not really an incentive to buy because if you make a purchase through the affiliate link, when will you have time to go through the bonuses to obtain value from those digital products. The worse offense I have seen was a description of a bonus that promised to do the exact same thing as the product that was being launched and the product offered as a bonus was selling for a lot less money. Where is the value?

Suffice to say, over delivering is adding value in the eyes of your customers. Do that and they will stay with you whether you have a fixed term or a traditional on-going membership website.

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