Weight loss results from several different causes. Traditional diet pills usually act as appetite suppressants or laxatives. Alternatively, a select blend of vitamins and antioxidants can increase metabolism. Understanding the difference in these weight loss methods is critical to maintain your good health. Both result in weight loss, although some methods are dangerous.

Over the counter diet pills commonly contain high doses of caffeine Revitaa pro. The caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant. In moderation, the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is not dangerous. If you increase the dosage by 10 fold, your blood pressure elevates excessively, concentration becomes more difficult, and some people report heart murmurs. Over an extended time, caffeine abuse poses a threat of sustained cardiovascular and heart damage due to high blood pressure.

Laxatives do not promote permanent weight loss. Any decrease in weight is temporary, and returns when the laxative wears off. Laxatives function by evacuating the large bowel and cause additional loss of body fluids. If abused on a regular basis, laxative cause bloating and water retention to offset fluid loss.

Nutritional weight loss supplements function on different level. These supplements provide a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In a unique balance, this combination of elements can increases metabolism naturally. Your energy increases as you burn more calories. In the case the weight lost is permanent.

Acai berries, and its derivatives, promote the losing of weight through increased metabolism. This berry is a potent source of naturally elements that cause a smooth and steady increase in energy. It is a naturally occurring fruit found primarily in the Amazon River basin.

Resveratrol is another supplement for losing weight with no apparent side affects when taken according to manufacturer recommendations. It comes from an extract obtained from red wine. Resveratrol promotes weight loss, prevents aging, reduces cholesterol, and reduces joint pain.

If you abuse any supplement, you can force adverse side affects as easily as drinking too much coffee. For the best results, without adverse side affects, use only safe methods to lose weight. The additional health benefits from using antioxidants to raise your metabolism should benefit you for a lifetime.

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