When it comes to apps, no other smartphone does it better than HTC’s Wildfire. However, since the handset was released last May of 2010, there have been a number of technological upgrades we expect mobile phones to come with. The Desire got an upgrade with its S version. Now, the Wildfire too comes with an S version with the HTC Wildfire S相親網站.

When the Android market comes to mind, there are literally hundreds of thousands of games, applications, and tools that can be downloaded. With all of these apps available for download, you are sure to come across an app that you might find highly interesting. On conventional android phones, it might not be possible to recommend apps to your friends you think they might like. With this phone, it will be as simple as pie. The smartphone allows you to share apps in a snap 相親.

With this much access to apps, you can personalize the phone more to your liking. You can have an assortment of games that will keep you engrossed for hours upon hours at a time. You can make use of entertainment tools that will keep you up to date with music and movies. You can have countless tools that will make life more convenient. You can have business apps that will make work more productive. You can install self enrichment tools that will make life more worthwhile. Whatever you fancy, there is an app that you are sure to love speed dating.

When it comes to caller ID features, this handset comes with an icebreaker unique to the model. Not only do you get to see the caller’s name and number; you also get to see information such as their birth date and Facebook status. This is ideal for immediately greeting the caller a happy birthday or talking about their latest status on the popular social network. As soon as someone calls, you will always know what to talk about or when to greet them a happy birthday.

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