There are so many online malls on the internet these days it can be hard to pick the right one for you.
It can also be hard to even find them all, especially if there not listed in all the almighty search engines, and directories. They basically all work the same, but some of them want you to join or register in order to use them. This is fine if they offer some kind of “points” or “rewards” system, that way if you do a lot of shopping online you may have a chance to win a free gift or get a discount on your purchase. Usually it’s not worth the trouble of having to sign in every time you want to use the site, having to remember your username and password, I don’t know about you but I have enough of those to remember already. To me it just makes it that much more of a hassle and it’s hardly ever worth the payoff if there is one 레플리카 시계.

Some e-malls try to design there site as a physical shopping mall and list different products and stores on different “floors” which to me is a waste of time and makes it harder and more time consuming to use. I mean you have to click through several pages to get to the store you want. Some of them are just mundane and boring, some of them do not have a good selection of stores to chose from, so you can’t really compare prices on a product without going to another mall, and finding another store that carries that product. Then if that store has a better price, you end up shopping from several different sites, which can get confusing and take more time.

Then there are the big multi-billion dollar, search engine hogging, monopolizing, traffic stealing sites that turn up everywhere on the net. These are the ones that most people shop at because there the most recognized or advertised, this doesn’t mean they are better than any of the others, but people think they are because they are listed higher in the search page results. What you need to remember is that search page results are not based on customer satisfaction, just advertising. It takes a while to find an e-mall that you really like and has everything your looking for, that has a wide variety of categories, that isn’t boring and makes you want to come back.

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