Outdoor dynamic signage is huge and will keep growing, the number of print based road side bill boards is set to decrease and these are to be swapped out with either LED or LCD technology, replacing the old printed solutions.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Display and LED Screen in India | Imperial Techsol

Now with LED developments it makes putting electronic advertising signage in the reach of most company’s, as the new method would be to use as large a TV as possible, then sourcing an enclosure to fit them offering vandal and weather protection.

So the options are either to buy large LCD enclosures to fit TVs up to 82″ or to purchase an LED video wall that is supplied in one metre panels and is as cost effective as buying a commercial grade TV of similar size.

The LED panels consist of a number of Light emitting diodes (LED) that are arranged at 16mm centres these provide a fantastic image that can be viewed up to 50 feet away, the result is that the video wall or outdoor digital signage project is only limited by your budget, usually customers have thought that it was too expensive and are pleasantly surprised when they discover the affordable price Outdoor Video Walls.

These sections come in their own weather proof and vandal proof cabinet; they are fitted into a frame structure and mounted on to the wall, then a controller is fitted that controls each section, similar to tiling software, so you can arrange the image on the panels as you wish to create a jaw dropping presentation.

Due to the affordable nature of these LED video walls they will soon be renewing the old fashioned printed road side billboards as they are becoming increasingly popular in the Middle East where extreme weather conditions and the sand will usually put an end to any outdoor digital signage campaign.

Budget dictates most projects (well all actually) now there are solutions that will have a faster return on investment and if you can provide a 8 metre wide x 5 feet high video wall displaying customer ads you will certainly get the revenue from the advertisers.

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