Canadian singer-songwriter We Are Caribou has gained popularity over the years. They’re a band that has been playing around for several years and still continues to tour to this day. There are some heavy metal and classical elements to their sound, which makes them suitable to perform anywhere. The group is made up of vocalist Wayne Gretzky, guitarists Paul Leary and Greg Burris along with bassist John Martine.

When they were just starting out as a new band they signed to an already established band called Thrice. The band’s first album wasn’t really a hit, but it did go on to sell very well. It wasn’t one of their best albums, but it was certainly one of their most successful. They went on to record another album that was even better than their first. That record, We’re Only In This World, became their biggest hit We Are Caribou.

It’s interesting to note that the same thing happened to We Are Caribou. After the success of their first album, they recorded their second in just a few weeks. Their third album Just A Penny stood all alone as the band’s biggest hit. Since then they have consistently sold pretty well. Their fan base is constantly growing with each new release. With many of their fans being teenagers, it doesn’t come as a surprise as to why they continue to be successful.

Some of the We Are Caribou songs that have stood the test of time are; Beautiful Tonight, I’m Dreaming, I’m losing control, I’m numb, My Love, She’s Gone Away and I’m So Glad You Came’, She’s Gone Away (performing by Gretzky), My Only One, My Secret Life, Mr. Tambourine Man, Wonderful Tonight, Wasted, Sunday Night, Heartbeat Home, Come As You Are, Hotel California and Home On Cuff. These are just a few of the songs from We Are Caribou that have been covered by other artists. The songs have stood the test of time because they are memorable, infectious and great to listen to. In fact, some We Are Caribou fans even have compilation CD’s of their favorite We Are Caribou songs. These compilation CDs make for a great listen for anyone who likes We Are Caribou.

Not only does the band have a strong fan base, but they have also gained many loyal fans over the years. These loyal fans, referred to as “We Are Fans” have supported the band through the good times and the bad, the good and the ugly. Some fans have given their guitars, home theaters, soundboards, picture frames and everything else that goes with a We Are Caribou fan to the band because of their amazing support. Some people have purchased entire We Are Bears collections because they have supported this band throughout their live performances and recordings. Well, this is what true support is all about.

These days, there are a lot of bands that have tried to stay fresh by keeping up with the latest trends. While We Are Bears has managed to stay true to themselves, they have also managed to become one of the more popular bands in the genre. This is probably because of their interesting lyrics, exciting music and good tunes. What has really helped the band most was the ability to see their dream come true and connect with many different fans over the years.

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