Samsung have followed in the footsteps of HTC with their new Omnia 7 smartphone. HTC took the popular and superb Desire HD, and created the HD7, basically the same handset but running on Windows 7. The Omnia 7 is the brands effort to conquer the growing market of handsets running the new Microsoft OS, whilst maintaining some of the features that made the Android versions so popular.

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Where these new handsets differ from the Android platform is that Microsoft have laid down some minimum specifications that the handsets must have in order to run on the system. What they are hoping that this will achieve is that the market won’t be flooded with poor quality, low spec models as has happened with Android. These requirements include a powerful 1Ghz processor in order to keep the unit running quickly and a high quality 5 mega pixel camera. In a bid to stand out from the uniform line up of phones, Samsung have really vamped up the screen on the Omnia 7, and it looks breathtaking. At 4″, the screen is large enough to watch media files comfortably, whilst maintaining the compactness required to make the handset appealing to the consumer. In using Super AMOLED technology superslot, Samsung have managed to make the screen both visually impressive and incredibly slim line. At 480 x 800 pixels, the resolution is a high as you are likely to find and at 16 million, the colour count is huge. The screen uses capacitive touch panel technology to give a responsive user experience that works perfectly with the large display.

The Samsung Omnia 7 incorporates a wide array of multi media facilities. The camera facility offers a good quality of photograph, with focusing being quicker than on most rival models. The dual LED flash does help improve on the quality of images, particularly in lower lighting conditions. Video wise the Omnia 7 records in 720P high definition quality, and as you would expect this results in impressive footage. The large screen lends itself perfectly for viewing your movies, with the accelerometer chip flipping the screen into excellent widescreen mode. Internal storage on the unit is 8GB which should prove ample for everyday use, there is however no micro SD card slot as is common with all models running on this new operating system.

Samsung have taken the superb Galaxy S model, made a few tweaks and ended up with a smartphone that not only performs admirably but also looks great thanks to the colourful new interface and some clever styling.

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