Are you having trouble or have you had earlier trouble selling your vehicle?
Allow to offer a few valuable tips for selling your vehicle:

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1) No one does it better than you. By selling the vehicle yourself, you are in control of the selling price and therefore how much money you profit. Trading in your vehicle or selling your vehicle to a dealership will greatly decrease the amount you profit from selling your vehicle. Selling your vehicle on-line produces maximum target exposure to sell your vehicle.

2) Would you show up for a date without taking a shower? Pretend you are a potential customer of your own vehicle. What would you want to see when you show up? Clean it. Wax it. Shine it.

3) Make sure the vehicle is ready for the road,off road, water, etc. Before putting your vehicle for sale do a once over on the machine and make sure it is prepped and ready for the elements. Are the brakes still good? Do the tires have good tread? Are the spark plugs good? Does the battery need charging? If you are unfamiliar with working on your machine it would be safe to allow a professional to take care of it. If you replace parts, tires, battery, etc then add that amount to your selling price. A vehicle with a higher selling price but less immediate maintenance needed will always sell better จำนำรถยนต์.

4) Got Proof? Have all of the documents for your vehicle ready pre-sale. Title is a must have, but, in addition, prepare documents like the history of maintenance. Oil change schedules are very important when applicable. Also, paint your vehicle lately? Do any transmission work? Documents and receipts verifying such work will come in handy when selling your vehicle… and boost your profit

5) Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered. Use a site like NADA guides to check the suggested value of your vehicle before you decide upon a selling price. You can do so from Once you check NADA for your vehicle’s suggested value, gauge the actual value by the amount of recent maintenance, condition of the vehicle, and after market accessories. If you list the vehicle for more than the suggested vehicle value make sure to include an explanation when listing the vehicle for sale on Also, include pictures of anything that is visibly more profitable. But do not get greedy or your vehicle will collect more dust.

6) Do you like blind dates? And neither do most people. Be sure to include photos of all angles of your vehicle and of anything that makes your vehicle special or more profitable when posting on The more pictures the better. Studies have shown that ads with pictures sell at a much higher and faster rate.

7) Liar. Liar. Pants on fire. When writing a description of your vehicle for on-line posting be sure to be as specific and honest as possible. Write as if you are writing about yourself to your mother. Your mother knows when you are lying. Nothing is worse for a potential buyer than purchasing something under false pretenses.

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