There’s partying, and then there’s Australian partying. The two are very different things, as any backpacker who’s traveled through Oz can tell you. There’s something about this place that makes people go wild, which translates very well to the dance floors of the hottest night clubs in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the weather is generally warm enough to keep the ladies in skirts. Without further ado, look below for our picks for Australia’s top five nightclubs. couches melbourne

Home, Sydney: Located right on the water with views overlooking Darling Harbour, Home the Venue has three floors that can accommodate more than 2000 revelers. A variety of music plays throughout the week, so check the calendar to find out whether you’re in store for trance, hip hop, electronic, or drum and bass. This is quite a ritzy crowd, so you’ll want to pull your best out of your pack; in fact, try to hunt down an iron to get those wrinkles out if you can. Home is also a highly regarded destination for New Year’s Eve.

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Arq, Sydney: After more than five years of research and development, Arq is open to the public. It’s the only place in Sydney that was designed specifically as a nightclub, and it shows. Upstairs, you’ll find “The Arena”, with a huge stage, stocked bars, and VIP areas for the high rollers. Downstairs, “The Vortex” has another stage, as well as a stunning display of lights and sounds.

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