Industrial washing machines are a boon for the construction business and the related industries. The presence of such machines in the business can make things easy for all concerned. They can perform their functions more quickly and efficiently than they could do it before. And this translates into better results, especially in the case of washing clothes which is something that involves frequent cycles. The various kinds of industrial washing machines available on the market are divided into two broad categories; these are the vertical industrial washing machines and the horizontal ones.

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Vertical machines are meant for heavy duty commercial applications, which mean that they should be strong and durable. Their main components are the water tank, the spinning brush, the agitator and the tumbling system. The parts are usually constructed from high tech materials and are therefore quite expensive. Horizontal machines on the other hand are meant for light duty commercial applications. Their primary components are tanks, brushes, feed systems, etc.

Both vertical and horizontal industrial washing machines do come in different models, features and capacity. While some variants of these machines may be configured to perform specific functions, such as separate tumbling of clothes, others are general purpose bang gia may giat cong nghiep. And some of them even come with additional features. Let us take a look at some of the common types of such machines:

The most basic type of industrial washing machines is the basic vertical unit which is able to provide the facilities for both tumbling and rinsing. This unit is self contained meaning that there is no need for a water tank. It is also easy to handle and to maintain since its controls are located in the handle and there is a reset switch which is used to change the settings. Some even have a feed tray that comes underneath the unit.

The next type is the horizontal machine. These are sometimes called the big drums. They come with water tanks on the outside and usually have an external button which can be used to start the motor or regulate the flow of the water. They also have a control panel where the user can set the settings. They have a drain connection similar to that of a washing machine and are able to handle both dry and wet processes.

The last type of industrial washing machines is the vertical type. It comes with a small drum and two water tanks positioned vertically inside the case. The motor is placed directly above the tanks and there are drains at the bottom of the drum. The user can control the water flow as well as the temperature of the water used. They are more suitable for dry cleaning.

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