You may not have heard of Cupom Pichau until you are introduced to it. This is a small, yet very popular, temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand that was established back in 2021 by American businessman Mark Wigley. The name of the temple has become synonymous with authentic Thai fare. If you have ever been to a restaurant in Bangkok with the word “Chiang Mai” in the name and then asked for something that’s not on the menu, chances are you were talking about this restaurant. There is actually a bit of history attached to the name.

cupom pichau

According to legend, after his marriage to American-Swedish actress Anita Adams (who played Ginger Sandal), Mark decided to move his family to Bangkok so they could visit the Grand Palace. The palace was undergoing repairs at the time, so Mark and Anita had to make do with a traditional Thai teak house called Khum Na. The couple’s luck lasted just long enough to be served some tea by the royal family. They were so impressed that Mark opened a restaurant in the same location later that year called Cupom Pichau.

Today, you can still find dishes like Ginger Beer Tea and other traditional Thai teas at the restaurant. But now it is run by their daughter Trung Nguyen. In keeping with the Thai tradition, the best way to order is to look down at the table from across the room. The “P” (for appetizer) is then lowered for your consumption. When it is time for the main meal, the orders are placed face down.

Although this is not your traditional Thai food, it is delicious and the price is very reasonable. You can find it all prepared on the premises or if you prefer to have it delivered, there are plenty of delivery services available both within Bangkok and its many suburbs. You will definitely want to try the famous Pichau Chai when you visit. A bowl of fresh fruit is served along with two steamed eggs cooked to perfection, fragrant rice (noon) and two steaming cups of the famous hot and spicy chicken soup.

When you pay, remember to bring a package from the grocery – many of the Souvenir shops in the area sell packages of this dish along with many other delightful treats. You might also want to bring along your favorite bottle of wine. Just remember to ask how it’s prepared and what type of food it is served with. One of the most popular meals served with this wine is seafood.

Other authentic Souvenir items include: the famous Golden Shower Cake, Pho and Caan Kwao (Cranberry Cream Tea), and Baklava. The latter two consist of fluffy rice cakes coated in a sweet balsamic glaze. Baklava is a thick, crumbed, roasted wheat bread that is absolutely delicious. If you don’t care for the spicy taste, you can always opt for a plain delicious bowl of soup. As you can see, there are many options when exploring the world of Cupom Pichau.

There are many different routes to travel to the restaurant. Two popular routes include: road and rail. While taking either route, you will need to make sure to stop at several hotels before reaching the restaurant. Some of the accommodations are located just a few meters away from the restaurant, which is perfect if you are in a rush.

The prices of this incredible food are very affordable. For a person who does not travel much or for a person who travels often, the prices can be very reasonable. You can easily spend a couple of hundred dollars on a meal that you and your loved ones will undoubtedly love. If you want to experience the same mouth watering fare for your next trip to Pichau, simply add any of the many outstanding dishes from Vietnam to your cart!

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