The biggest damage that can happen to a concrete structure is water intrusion. It works as a slow poison for your building. Water can damage those areas the most where there is lesser fresh air or sun exposure, like basement. You need to be proactive against water intrusion and constantly look for signs of water damage:

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There are many signs to detect whether water has damaged your property or not. Some of those are given below:

Leaking: If there’s continuous water presence in an area, you’ll be able to see puddling or flooding there. This is a visual sign and enough to grab your serious attention. Any leaking tap or faucet must be fixed immediately.

Cracks: Cracks in the walls, doors or windows etc. might indicate the presence of water somewhere near. It is not always necessary that the source of leak be nearby where the stain is because water can travel inside the structure, so look for the source carefully unique weed pipes. The cracks can be homes for molds and fungus so they need immediate repair.

Dampness: If you feel dampness on walls, ceiling or floors, immediately check the closer water sources and inspect those for leaking. A dripping pipe or a leaky faucet might be the source. Close the hose tightly and replace any fixtures if necessary.

Water-stains: Water-stains on floor, walls or ceiling are clear indicators of water damage. Discoloring of carpet or paint also show that water is damaging or has already damaged that area. Your carpet will need to be replaced and paint reapplied. Before reapplying the paint, make sure that you’ve coated the walls with some kind of humidity proof material, especially if it’s an outside paint.

Drippy Noises: More often than not, you’ll be able to hear drippy noises in case of a leaking. Close all the taps and faucets in your house and listen intently for any unusual noise. A leakage can easily be indicated with a dripping noise but there may be other kinds of odd voices, like rushing water or gurgling sounds to inform you about potential water threat. As soon as you hear such noise, follow it and fix whatever is causing it.

Denser Air: Moisture increases the humidity in the air, which causes the air to get heavier and cooler. This denser air is hard to breathe, and not only indicates excess humidity, a clear sign of water intrusion, but also causes respiratory and other health concerns. Make sure that air can flow freely through your house. It will lower the humidity and moisture in your house. Keep your house ventilated. Get rid of the clutter and weeds and twigs on your roof. Let the air flow.

Musty Smell: There may be other odors to indicate water damage but mostly it’s a musty smell that tells you about water intrusion in your building structure. If you use air fresheners or other scented material for fresher environment in your house, its advised not to do that for at least one day. You will then be able to smell any kind of odd odor in your house, which will be a sign of possible water damage. This smell will be accompanied with some kind of visual sign of a water leak. Look for that sign and get down to fix it.

Increased Water Bills: Keep an eye on your water bill. If you think it has increased in recent months without any extra usage on your part, there might be a leak or even bigger trouble at work. As soon as you notice any change in your water bill, go to the water meter and look for the reading. Make sure you have shut off all water appliances before that. If the reading is still getting higher, then it clearly means that a leak or a drainy pipe is causing that.

Mold and fungi: These are the telltale signs of water damage. The presence of fungi and molds show that water has gotten deep into the foundation of your building and the growth of microscopic colonies is a sign that there is a continuous water presence is that area. Call in the professionals to get rid of the molds. You need to re-paint the surface after that. Keep some kind of insect killer in your reach. The fungus and molds, and insects living in there may be dangerous to you or your kids’ health.

Peeling of Paint or Wallpaper: If your paint is peeling, or wallpaper is feeling softer to touch on some areas, immediately look for water presence near that wall. It is a clear sign of moisture in the walls that must be penetrating through a leak. The peeling of wallpaper or paint will need re-applying and this time do it after coating the walls with some kind of humidity proof material.

Buckling of floorboards and Rotten Wood: Rotten wood is easy to identify and it’s a sure sign of excess moisture. Wood absorbs water quickly than some other materials. If you’re using wood flooring, walk barefoot on the floor and feel for the buckling of wood. If you feel that, it means that water has been leaking or puddling and your floor has started absorbing it. This will also need immediate fixing.

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