If you found out your spouse was cheating on you one of the first things you might be inclined to do is blame yourself. DON’T. If your spouse felt a problem existed in your relationship they should have had the guts to sit down with you and start working it out, not take the problem outside the marriage. Infidelity is a betrayal of your trust and while you are certainly involved you are not the cause of the infidelity.

Although sex is the main thing people think when they hear the word “affair” there are plenty of other ways to cheat on your partner. Flirting behind your partners back is still cheating. Playful and innocent it may seem but it can lead to hurting your partner. Even a simple internet chat can be an infidelity. Withholding affection from your partner is cheating. Spending money without their knowledge is cheating. Breaking promises, spending more time with friends than with your partner, the list goes on.

So why do people cheat? Perhaps the main reason boils down to the thrill of the chase. You are attracted to your partner and you start working on the goal of building a relationship. You go through all the usual rituals of “showing off” to attract their attention, wining and dining, gifts and px7 primal flow reviews eventually, all things going well, you achieve your goal and suddenly the chase is over. You start slipping into a routine with your partner and the original novelty gradually wears off.

The primal need to prove yourself still lingers however. So you start chasing someone else. It may not be with the full intent of making them your partner but the mechanics are still there. All of a sudden the innocent flirting takes a more serious turn and you bring a world of hurt down on your partner, your “lover” and yourself.

Couples with great and lasting relationships do not allow that relationship to become mundane. They keep the juices flowing by maintaining that excitement. Don’t allow things to become stale, keep doing the things which make life interesting and thrilling. Keep those juices flowing. For some hints and ideas about keeping that buzz in your marriage, feel free to visit this save your marriage page at our sister website.

A cheating partner may get that way because they feel they are lacking something in the relationship. Any feeling of dissatisfaction with a relationship should always be openly discussed between the spouses. Any issue which remains hidden will not be resolved in a way which benefits the relationship. Simple, effective communication with each other will prevent any issue leading to something worse.

In summary, most affairs stem from simple boredom coupled with a lack of good communication. Sitting down with a marriage counselor could help bring any hidden issues to the surface and also aid with improving communication skills. Keeping romance and excitement alive in your marriage will go a long way to preventing any infidelities from occurring.

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