In this short article I will be putting a little “how to” in communicating with a female or male after you get their number… If you do this part correctly it will setup the stage in a way that will give you both the initial rapport any relationship survives on… It’s important that in the beginning this unconscious or implied feeling is understood, and you don’t have to come right out and say it…Read on 송파스웨디시.

So when is it safe to open communication after receiving a phone number? RIGHT AWAY! Usually when you get a number it’s a smart thing to text right away and say something like”Hey, I just sent you a text to make sure I had the right number, did you receive it”? That way we know the person is real and is interested in further texts.

Usually if I want a girl just for a “hook-up” I will text her the next day and open up the line for small talk… But if I want to spend time in longer-term relationship I will typically call the next day. By calling you’re taking control of the line of communication, whereas if you just text her it’s putting all of the control in the other persons territory.

The first text massage could be really anything but you should put some thought behind it… Don’t be too cheesy either but the whole point of the text is to just prime her up for other future texts or events…By doing this it creates a sort of identity between the two of you and form sort of a commitment that you’re both in – in that you’re phones are open to each other.

Usually, when I do this, I use an NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) presupposition… A presupposition is something that in order for it to work you have to have x done to achieve y. X doesn’t have to already have happened, it’s implied that it will happen soon. So I will say, “when are you meeting up with me to get a coffee or spend a day shopping like rock stars”? This is basically using an implied action that they WILL be seeing you soon and you will be either shopping or just meeting up for a coffee. This is a little-known NLP technique and if you do it correctly, it will improve your game.

And just to make sure we’re clear on this little-known NLP technique – a presupposition is important in communication after getting someone’s phone number… You would use a presupposition like the one I just showed you because it forms an implied situation (one that hasn’t happened yet but will) that helps you build toward whatever outcome you have set for yourself.

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