Vivi Winkler is a professional Brazilian fitness model and a world-class bodybuilder. But for most of her professional life, Winkler has been an avid athlete. She was an All-American runner at the University of North Carolina, where she specialized in distance running. A devout cyclist, she even wrote a thesis on the structure of bike tires.

Today, Winkler is happy to be representing herself as a professional MMA fighter. In fact, she has fought and won four times, earning a UFC title with the now-defunct Strikeforce Fighting Championship’s organization. So what has it been about this career that has drawn the attention of mainstream media? In this brief article, I will try to provide an insight into the world of fitness modeling.

One of the first things that comes to mind about Winkler as a fitness model is that she is beautiful. But the thing is, there’s so much more to her than just physical beauty. It’s interesting to note that while many female athletes have a physical advantage over men when it comes to muscle mass, they still manage to get far less coverage in the press, speaking of course, about their athletic pursuits Vivi Winkler. Many athletes have careers that are completely ignored by the media. For women such as Vivi Winkler, this is simply not the case.

Winkler’s first experience of being a professional model was working as a dancer for dancers who perform in local clubs in Brazil. Though she didn’t enjoy the work itself, she did enjoy the company of some of the men who performed. This experience, coupled with her love of dance, translated perfectly into a career as a fitness model.

The next thing that comes to mind when you think about Vivi Winkler as a fitness model is her body. The question is, does she have the body of a model, but with the heart and the passion of a real athlete? She certainly sports a body that could be called perfect for a professional athlete, and her heart beats for real, even though she’s not playing any of her chosen sports. This is an attribute that many women don’t have, and one that can make them stand out in a sea of models.

There is no doubt that Vivi Winkler is a great athlete, and she definitely has the beauty of a model. What sets her apart, however, from the other female fitness models are her passion and her drive to succeed. Sports is a competitive arena, but it’s also a competition of personal pride and success. It’s little wonder that she has been able to achieve both of these goals, as well as becoming one of the best fitness models that we have seen in some time.

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